5 Reasons Why a Wedding Magician is a Good Idea...
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Weddings involve a lot of planning, I know I've had one and am in the middle of planning a second one and I imagine that Wedding Magician is somewhere down the bottom of your list if you've considered it at all. But we are becoming more and more popular for wedding days and here is why...

Memorable Talking Point

You are not going to forget your wedding day, we can pretty much agree on that at the outset but what memories are your guests going to take away?

Have you ever been to that wedding where everyone thought the chair covers really made the day special for them as well as you? I didn't think so... close up magic is not only entertaining but the experience and memory it leaves is personal to that guest, every time they look at that signed card they'll remember your wedding day.

Fills the Quiet spaces

If you've never been married before then let me offer you my experience... after your ceremony your photographer is going to take over, it's what photographers do. Your guests will circulate amongst themselves however they don't go far in case they are called upon to be in a photograph.

During this lull time a magician (or other entertainer) will be keeping your celebration going and helping that time pass quickly and pleasantly for your guests.

Ice Breaker

Do you have that awkward table? I don't mean people who will cause trouble or work, but you've filtered all your guest list, done months of careful diagrams of table plans and settings and you're still left with that table of ten people who don't really know each other and aren't great at starting conversations. Take as an example where my fiancee's dance friends come together with some of my more pension obsessed former work colleagues and you get the picture.

This is where we excel as Ice Breakers. We can mix that group up and get them involved with aech table routine. If they struggle to find common ground with each other then the magic routine they all experienced just moments ago is a shared experience that they all enjoyed.

Flexible and Hassle Free

There is an old military saying, 'No plan survives first contact with the enemy'. If, and heaven forbid but if, something gets delayed or needs fixing in a hurry you don't want all your guests watching while the Chief Bridesmaid or Best Man set about correcting an issue. Well... at the risk of giving away some secrets.... misdirection is what we do!

If a table is waiting to be served or you just can't let your guests into the reception room quite yet just grab me and I'll keep everyone amused while the problem gets sorted.

Value For Money

Magicians generally aren't cheap, this goes hand in hand with most entertainers but when you consider the items that you are spending money on already we can appear in a different light. Seriously... I have seen selfie mirrors that cost more than magicians, or ornate floral decorations that stay in the background looking pretty. I can stay in the background and look pretty if you need me to but for impact and memory we are good value for money.

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