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Inexpensive Magicians are not BAD magicians

It can be really easy with weddings to be dealing with inflated prices, how many times have you seen 'why does it cost more because it's a wedding?' and it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking 'costs more must be better' [More]

3 of My Favourite Wedding Venues...
Weddings are a big part of my business and setting is important so to help all you starter brides out there this is the first of a series of articles covering wedding venues I have been to and loved ...[More]
5 Reasons Why a Wedding Magician is a Good Idea...
Weddings involve a lot of planning, I know I've had one and am in the middle of planning a second one and I imagine that Wedding Magician is somewhere down the bottom of your list if you've considered it at all. But we are becoming more and more popular for wedding days and here is why...[More]