Bring a little magic to your weekend festival by bringing 'The Bunco Booth' as a fixture for your event space. I am quite prepared to perform throughout each day both in a parlour style and close up.

I cut my teeth as a performer in the Steampunk circuit however the style and my many outfits equally fits Victorian and Edwardian festivals as well.

A strolling magician or entertainer of any kind (although I'd rather you picked a magician) is a flexible way of covering any parts of your festival that might be delayed. Is there a particular fixed display running late? I can fill that gap. The Bunco Booth can run Victorian Gambling and Poker routines can be used as an entertainng method of raising funds for any charity festival or fundraiser . By bringing personal entertainment to each and every visitor, close up magic uplifts the atmosphere of your event or festival and happy customers will recommend, advertise for you and spend in your gift shops.

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Charity Fundraisers

There is a lot going on in a fundraising festival and a magician can be part of that either strolling through the crowd making sure that no guest space is left without access to entertainment or as a fixed attraction in itself. Performances of card magic can not only add to the atmosphere of the event but also give you an additional revenue stream to your charity as my gambling and casino routines can be performed with 'bets' that are donations towards your cause.

Your visitors will know what they are getting into beforehand... I'm a magician not a scam artist but old classics like the 'Three Card Monte' or '10 Card Poker Game' make entrtaining routines and are a channel for donations.

Outdoor Festivals and Fairs

Whether performing strolling magic or a pitched attraction as mentioned above my work can bring an extra element to your outdoor festival. In the past I have worked at Arts Festivals, concerts and historical events. Appearance can fit in with your theme and I can tailor tricks I am performing to fit the festival you are running.

An additional consideration for the larger family festivals is why not consider a Card Magic Workshop? Each participant gets all the props they need to learn the fundamentals of card magic and groups can be taken on a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level. Each workshop teaches four effects and the principles behind them as well as the building blocks of future magic routines. Contact me for further information.


Galleries of Previous Festivals

Take a look around some of the previous markets, fairs and festivals I have taken part in....





"Very Clever Gentleman - Total Magic"

T. Bullingham-Nash - Visitor - Leeds Steampunk Market

"You're either very clever or a witch"

D. Mallory - Visitor - Avoncroft Halloween Weekend

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