Inexpensive Magicians are not BAD Magicians .
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It can be really easy with weddings to be dealing with inflated prices, how many times have you seen 'why does it cost more because it's a wedding?' and it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking 'costs more must be better'

I like to think that I'm value for money, and people do keep paying me so I must be. One of things that generally gets under my skin about the magic industry is the sort of thing you keep seeing cropping up on blogs and guides all over the place....

'The last thing you want is a cheap magician....'

So OK... I get that. It's probably written by someone who is not a cheap magician and they want you to hire a not cheap magician and they're going to sell this idea by equating inexpensive magicians with bad or poor quality magicians.

Some of the reasons that they give for this can be quite compelling at first glance however I'd like to examine these a little further and defend some of the guys who are not £350 per hour. So here goes.


1. They are not a full time magician

Reason: Because they are not full time they don't devote the care and attention that your show requires...


It beats me sometimes why people think this. Have we ever been into a been into an office and met a perfectly pleasant and professional person with a part time job? Just because they work 16 hours per week doesn't make them any less capable than the person who works 40 hours per week. Some magicians are part time. The guy that taught me was part time for 14 years and then decided to leave his job and pursue a full time career. He didn't suddenly get good before leaving teaching, he just stopped enjoying teaching and had enough work to sustain full time.

A part time magician may be working a narrow industry. He or she might only do weddings and avoid children's' parties or corporate work, this obviously results in fewer gigs and narrower income steams however it doesn't in itself make them bad at what they do.

2. They are just starting out

Reason: They don't have the experience to deliver you a great show.

All of us.... even the guys that stuck this up on their websites..... have had to do their first pro performance. Yes, even Dynamo and Paul Daniels had to do their first show... in fact Paul Daniels was working in Social Clubs in Stockton for virtually nothing when he started out. Dynamo did free gigs for charities to get him started. But one thing to consider here is that we get good at this before we even consider charging someone for our services.

If you are unsure then ask them... a good magician will be honest with you and when I did my first wedding the bride who hired me was fully aware that I was doing my first wedding.

3. They are not professional and undependable

Reason: You can't rely on them to actually show up or do a good job

I don't even know really where to start with this one... this just borders on libel. There is never any evidence posted to back this up at all. A professional will keep in contact with you, will answer questions, will have written agreements and contracts. They will have Public Liability Insurance. These things do not cost much money and a magician does not need to radically inflate his or her prices to accommodate them.
4. Their show sucks

Reason: They charge a low fee because they are not very good.

Now before I generally get my blood pressure up about this, it is a possibility. There are a great many reasons why a magician charges a low fee and it would be unfair of me to state that this isn't one of them. But the key point in this, and the rest of this blog article is that this is only one out of a great many reasons, and it doesn't crop up often. When people have been disappointed by a cheap magician it is because they've hired a BAD magician, and do you know what? You can get bad expensive magicians as well.

What the people who hired these failed to do was really check out who they were hiring, what can they do? You can check out photo galleries in their website (please do!), visit them at a wedding fair to actually get to know them and see what they can do, call them and ask your questions to get your concerns answered, depending on distance some of us will even travel to you so you can audition us.

In Closing
In closing think about this.... if someone charged you £800 for a service you'd want to know it was the right service. If someone charged you £100 for the same service you also want to know it was the right service. By all means do your homework, and price should not be your only concern.

Just don't automatically dismiss the guy that charges less.

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Inexpensive Magicians are not BAD magicians
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