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First of all… Congratulations! You know where... you know when... and you know to whom.... but how to keep the guests entertained all day?

How about a wedding magician?

If it wasn't a magical day enough already.I will visit your guests giving each table a personalised magic show. Stunning close up magic delivered with comedy and style.. Close up magic is a very good tool for handling that table you have that is full of people who do not know each other. The effects encourage guests to introduce themselves to me and each other, it will break the ice straight away . Let’s help people relax and enjoy your day by breaking the ice between groups, bringing people together and letting the fun begin.

How Can I Help?

Drinks Reception
It is common during the drinks reception that your photographer will be working his magic and that can leave guests drifting into small groups while waiting for their turn in front of the camera. This time is one of the best uses for a wedding magician keeping your guests entertained, the fun flowing and carrying that celebration atmosphere forward to the wedding breakfast..
Wedding Breakfast
I remember from my wedding the diplomatic planning challenge that was the seating plan, some tables easier than others but there will be some people on some tables who do not know who they are sitting with. The effects I would use in this situation are designed to get people introduced to each other and laughing together while waiting for courses or speeches to start, and if (heaven forbid) there is a catering delay, a magician like myself can occupy the time while that table waits to get served.
Evening Reception
Evening receptions can offer a lot of dancing and a lot of drinking but there are some guests that will do neither. A strolling magician during the evening reception leaves no guest out and also brings the extra entertainment to those people who did not make the day do..

Something for the Happy Couple?

The bulk of my work on a wedding day would be entertaining guests, that's chiefly what I'm hired for but it is important to not leave out the two most important people of the day....

I keep a routine up my sleeve, as we in the business say, especially for the bride and groom, nobody else in the room gets that routine.

It will leave you some small souvenirs of the day from your wandering wizard and by working with your wedding photographer gives you some fantastic joyous photographs to keep forever.

Wedding FAQs

Why have a magician at a wedding?

Well... for many of the details listed above we are both entertaining but more than that, flexible... if that special something doesn't go according to plan then al it takes is the chief bridesmaid or best man to find me and I'll cover any gaps for you.

Plus.... did you ever go to a wedding where the sugared almonds were the best memory?

What sort of tricks do you do?
That pretty much varies with the audience that I have at the table I'm covering. I'm mostly a card magician so with a group of children I can do visual magic such as a card teleport or a sealing deck, with a group of adults I'd look more to a good gambling routine or mystery effect. All effects and routines are clean with appropriate humour.
Do you do anything dangerous?
At a wedding it is unlikely as that style of 'dangerous' trick is usually more suited to stage (Penn & Teller's bullet catch, Paul Daniels and the Iron Maiden etc.). I do have tricks in my repertoire that look dangerous but I'll confess, I take no risks with my own safety or that of an audience member. I have a wife and a dog that depend on me.
Can I have a demonstration?
Sure... if you contact me I can let you know any local shows I'm performing that may be in your area, or if I'm at a wedding fair near you... and if not then contact me anyway, I can always come to you and do a short demonstration.
What areas do you cover?
I'll go anywhere within reason. The basic fees cover travel within about 50 miles of my home town of Leeds. Beyond that we'd talk further but there's no distance I'm not prepared to travel.
How long do you perform for?
Commonly a 1-2 hour set would cover an average wedding, but you're not going to have an average wedding are you? We can talk about whatever you desire, but the 1-2 hour set mentioned above would be ample to cover a drinks reception and wedding breakfast as we are talking performing time rather than time in venue..
What does it cost?
Well difficult to say without specifics and locations but somewhere between the £150 - £250 mark is usual, depnding in distances and times but that's the ballpark, I've seen a hundred chair covers cost more and have less effect. I'm a great believer that just because it has the word 'wedding' in it, shouldn't make it an extra two hundred quid.
How do I know you're any good?
Good question. You can read testimonials or facebook reviews or people that have used me in the past, look at the galleries for evidence, visit me at a wedding fair or show or ask me to come round and I'll demonstrate.
What is your dress code?
What do you need? Usually for a wedding I'd be smart modern as you'll see in many of the photographs. However, as you may notice from the rest of the site, I do a lot of historical festivals and the like, so if you're having a themed wedding then let me know and I can fit in with it.




"People are still talking about how amazed they were by Paul's performance at our wedding; he is slick, sharp witted and truly baffled us all of how he did the tricks. He also left us a couple of moments of the day and with closer inspection, we still can't figure how he does it - Just brilliant"

Jo Stead - Bride - July 2016

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